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Looking for a reliable Chinese partner to handle your sourcing, dropshipping, OEM/ODM, product purchasing, and more? Look no further! We are your trusted China sourcing agent, dedicated to providing exceptional services tailored to your unique requirements. While you focus on giving your absolute best in marketing, let us handle the rest seamlessly.

Why China Sourcing Agent?

Sourcing products from China can be overwhelming and challenging without the right support. Quality, price, and communication barriers, in particular, can make the process daunting. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable China sourcing agent by your side.

Product Sourcing

Our main goal is to help you source the best quality products at the lowest price, while also minimizing lead time to ensure efficient processing.

Factory Direct Price

You can trust that our prices are factory direct, without any hidden fees. Transparency is important to us, and it’s only fair to you.

Fast Processing

We’ll store your products for FREE in our warehouse. And if they’re in stock and good to go, we’ll make sure they’re shipped out on the same day.


We’ve got plenty of branding ideas to match your budget and specific needs, including customized packaging, handtags, labels, cards, etc.

Fast Delivery

We’ve worked with multiple express shipping forwarders who can swiftly deliver your goods to customers all around the globe within just 5-15 days.

Customer Support

We’ve got your back. Whether your package is damaged or lost, we will promptly issue a refund or resend the package to fulfill your order.

What Products Do We Source?

Consumer Electronics

Smart watches, mobile phone cases, headphones, chargers, data cables, etc.

Mother, Kids & Toys

Maternity clothing, baby care & supplies, classic toys, children’s clothing, kids’ accessories, etc.

Apparel & Accessories

T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, pants, jackets, caps, underwear, socks, etc.

Packaging & Printing

Packaging labels, handtags, paper bags, paper boxes,  plastic bags, etc.

Home &


Mugs, water bottles, storage boxes, dishes & plates, decorations, lights, etc.

Jewelry & Accessories

Bracelets, bangles, necklaces, rings, sunglasses, Jewelry boxes, earrings, etc.

Sports & Entertainment

Fishing, fitness accessories, strength training, bicycle parts, playing cards, etc.

Shoes & Accessories

Sneakers, sports shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, slippers, sandals, boots, flats, dress shoes, soccer shoes, etc.


Hair wigs & extensions, personal care, beauty products, nail accessories, eyelash products, etc.

Any Other Products

For any other products not listed in these categories, please contact us directly.

Packages Delivered

Products Sourced

Factories Connected

Clients Serviced

China Dropshiping Processes

Still unsure about how to work with a China sourcing agent? Don’t worry, whether you’re an expert or a startup, achieving success in your dropshipping business is as simple as following four easy steps.


Send your requestments


We source the best suppliers in China


We quote for you within 48 hours


We deliver to your customers

How Your Business Can Save Time?

🔥 Leading or being surpassed?

That’s how much time an average business holder saves per time by leveraging our China Sourcing Agents to their full potentials

China Sourcing Agents
China buying agent

👋 Say Goodbye to Inefficiency

Heartbroken over late responses, poor communication, slow delivery, and frustrated customer support? You’re not alone! Dropshipper communities are buzzing with similar complaints. More frustrations include receiving low-quality products, struggling with inventory management, dealing with Aliexpress sellers who’ve never laid eyes on their merchandise, and the inability to establish a unique brand identity.

Say goodbye to ordinary Aliexpress dropshipping right now and embrace the support of a China Sourcing Expert. We’ll go the extra mile by purchasing samples for you to test the quality. Experience hassle-free sourcing and elevate your business to the next level.

💰 Maximize Your Results

Save time on searching for reliable manufacturers or factories with ZERO results.
No need to visit China again and again, which leaves you exhausted.
Enjoy your time by focusing on what truly matters the most: marketing, strategy, direction, goals, creativity, and more.
Make more of what is your goal. Clients, Advertisements, designs, revenue…
Maximize your return on investment for every penny spent.
Achieve more but with fewer people,  yes, count on us, your trusted China Sourcing Agents.

We Can Do More...

✅ Source China OEM/ODM manufacturers.
✅ Source wholesalers from desired market.
✅ Recommend niche, winning, and trending products.
✅ Connect with influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.
✅ Write SEO-friendly blog posts tailored for your website.
✅ Build DOFOLLOW/NOFOLLOW outbound links for your website.
✅ Perform effective and high-quality SEO audits.
✅ Quality inspection or quality management.
✅ More……


About China Sourcing Agent

I have 10 years of experience managing and operating up to 50 websites in a software company. My expertise lies in product optimization, server configuration, maintenance, SEO, keyword research, SERP ranking improvement, and link building. Clients appreciate my keen attention to detail and problem-solving abilities. As a result, more and more clients have asked for my help in sourcing high-quality suppliers in China, leveraging my background in e-commerce and foreign trade.

This made me think, why not share my expertise with those who have the same passion and desire to turn their dreams into reality? And that’s where china-sourcing-agent.com comes in!

Gary Zhang

CEO, Founder of china-soucring-agent.com

China Sourcing Agent Gary Zhang

Answer Your Questions

What is a China Dropshipping Agent?

A China Dropshipping Agent facilitates the process of dropshipping between sellers and suppliers in China, handling tasks such as sourcing, communication, inventory management, shipping, and more.

Why you are a China Dropshipping Expert?

Unlike regular China Dropshipping agents, we provide more value-added services to your business, helping you do more than your competitors.

How to work with you, any detailed information?

To simplify your experience, we have streamlined the process into four easy steps for you to work with us effortlessly. The very first step of yours will be: send us the desired product name, image, and target price. See the infographic for more information.

Are you able to bring traffic and sales?

First and foremost, our primary role is to assist you in sourcing the best products at the lowest prices in China. This allows you to stay focused on your core business and avoid wasting your valuable time. While we can provide recommendations for optimizing your website or store, but it is important to note that you should be the sole person to consider how to scale your business.

Can you recommend niche/winning products?

From the perspective of fairness, we do not develop multiple clients in the same category within the same country to avoid unnecessary competition, unless the products are complementary. Therefore, we will not disclose any information about the products or clients we are currently working with. However, if you let us know which category you would like to start with, we will take some time to recommend the most suitable products for you.

Our Happy Clients, and you will too!

Elevate your dropshipping and online business to new heights with the dependable support of a trusted China sourcing agent and efficient fulfillment center. Build trust, deliver excellence.


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Amazon seller since 2016


Woocommerce seller since 2021

China Sourcing Agent Blog

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

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We, China sourcing agents cater to brands of all sizes, including established brands, shop owners, organizations, event holders, influencers and startups. Whether you’re looking to streamline order management or seeking assistance with inventory and fulfillment, product sourcing, buying, we are here to support all your needs and exceed your expectations.

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